We believe that, channelising the energy of youth towards productive activities is essential to bring a phase shift in the country. Through iB Hubs LEAD, we channelise this energy and transform youth into role models.
"I have understood that to initiate a change, we don't need to sacrifice anything. Instead, we can progress and let the world progress with us."
Nikhil MVNIT Nagpur
LEARNLearn through exclusive capacity building programs, preferential internship and job opportunities.
EMPOWEREmpower people around you by leading iB Hubs initiatives in your college, community and beyond.
DEVELOPDevelop the country by participating in projects that create huge impact.
Leadership SkillsEnhance your leadership skills and competencies in a learning by doing approach. Become equipped to inspire, build and manage strong teams.
Career GrowthAcquire skills needed for rapid career growth and continuously upgrade them with constant support from iB Hubs. Also, get connected to the elite iB LEAD network across the premier institutions of the country
Expert GuidanceGet support and mentorship from the global network of iB Hubs for your ideas and innovations
Entrepreneurial MindsetDevelop an entrepreneurial mindset to innovate and create new value with hands-on training and workshops
Advanced TechnologiesGet exposure to advanced technologies such as AR & VR, IoT, Cyber Security and Blockchain, learn their disruptive applications and know how they would shape the future
Professional NetworksGet connected and gain support from our iB LEAD network spread across premier institutions of the country
Be an iB LEAD and become a role model
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