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We are looking for Embedded Firmware Engineers to work on providing cutting-edge technology solutions to unique and challenging on-ground problem statements in IoT, LPWAN and related domains. If you have an unparalleled appetite for growth or if you are extremely passionate about being a change-maker, apply now.

About Us:

iB Hubs is committed to making India one of the global leaders in advanced technologies by nurturing startups to build world-class products that impact the lives of billions.

We are a strong team of 1000+ people with 200 full-time members including engineers, doctors and management professionals. Most members of our team are alumni of premier institutions like IITs, IIMs with work experience in various MNCs.

If you share our enthusiasm towards advanced technologies, and our vision of making India a global leader, apply now to be a part of our journey.

As an Embedded Firmware Engineer, you will be working with our portfolio startups.

Our Culture:

  • Flat structure
  • Harmonious team culture
  • Value for individual contribution over job titles or years of experience
  • Highly motivated team where every individual is geared up to acquire a Hacker & Maker mindset and to build world-class products
  • Equal opportunity to grow and organization level focus on continuous learning
  • If you have unquenching appetite for growth, you will have ample opportunity to take up responsibilities and grow to any extent
  • Apart from growth in your domain, we focus on developing each and every member in the organisation into leaders
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge in other domains apart from the one you are working

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • You will architect and implement the software for embedded devices which constitute cutting-edge IoT/LPWAN systems across multiple verticals like Industrial IoT, Smart Cities etc.,
  • You will translate application design specifications into functional deliverables at different stages from prototyping to production, while keeping the code scalable and robust.
  • You will develop libraries for peripherals, integrate them into existing applications and/or build new applications.
  • You will be responsible for building individual features and applications, and bring in best practices for Embedded Software Development Life Cycle, in sync with Hardware Development Life Cycle.
  • You should develop in-depth knowledge of at least one development technology/ programming framework that the organization follows.
  • You will be playing an active role to contribute and continuously improve firmware development processes.


  • Mandatory Requirements:
    • Strong fundamentals in areas related to embedded systems, firmware and algorithms.
    • Strong programming and debugging skills: C/C++ / Embedded C/ Assembly programming/ Arduino programming or alike.
    • Working proficiency with any of the embedded development tools/platforms like MPLAB X/ MPLAB Code Configurator/ ATMEL Studio/ IAR/ Keil/ Eclipse/ CCS etc.,
    • Experience or working familiarity with sensor integration over MCU interfaces like I2C,UART, SPI etc.
    • Experience or working familiarity with GPIO programming, pin-muxing, clocks, interrupts etc.
    • Knowledge of reading data sheets, application notes and reference manuals.

  • Desirable Requirements:
    • Ability to take a project from scoping requirements to the actual launch of the project
    • Experience in designing and writing your own libraries.
    • Experience in board-level firmware debugging, test-automation frameworks including code reviews & test plans, secure coding & threat modelling.
    • Experience in working with compilers, in-circuit emulators, debuggers, simulation tools.
    • Experience in working with bootloaders, device drivers and/or embedded kernels is a plus.

Employment type:



INR 8 lakhs to 12 lakhs per annum

Work location:


Working days:

6 days in a week


2+ years experience or equivalent skill-set
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