iB Community
Accelerating Nation’s Progress!
iB Community is a select group of like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds.
They form a strong support system for the rapid growth and development of world-class products from India.

Built on Win-Win-Win Model

Win for the country through wealth creation

Win for the Country

Creating positive role-models and offering end-to-end assistance develops a self-reinforcing culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Global startups from India create an abundance of wealth and jobs in the country.

India would become a land of opportunity.
Win for the community

Win for the Community

Members of iB Community are the first beneficiaries of our companies’ progress.

Various opportunities such as early stage investments in startups supported by iB Hubs.

First priority for business and career opportunities.

and many more..
Win for the organization

Win for the Organization

More world-class innovations and global startups would be nurtured by iB Hubs.

More youth would be trained on innovation and entrepreneurship.

We're Scaling!

We’re building iB Community in 50 countries.
Over 10,000 people from India, USA, Australia, UK, Singapore and Dubai are already a part of iB Community.

Interested to join the Community? Write to us atrelations@ibhubs.co
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