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iB Group is an ideation and mentoring group that aims to accelerate the progress of society through initiatives that address the root causes of the pressing problems in society.

iB Group encourages youth to undertake such initiatives and mentors them while carrying out these initiatives.

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Our philosophy is “Spread the light” . Our focus is on creating and implementing solutions, rather than just debating problems.

Make the best practices from around the world accessible to everyone

Bringing cutting edge technology, proven methods, research and innovations to everyone's reach enhances productivity and the standard of living

Provide end-to-end assistance to every enthusiast in their entrepreneurial journey

End-to-end assistance enables entrepreneurs to focus on their core competency and optimizes their time, energy and costs

Build Sustainability

We focus on making the system sustainable and creating win-win-win models. The first win is for society, the second for stakeholders, and the third for iB Group

Channelise young energy

Our call to the youth is "You progress, the nation follows". If youth is involved in constructive activities, they progress and the nation realises its true potential

Combine young energy with experience

It ensures that the time and energy of youth is channelised in the right direction and accelerates the progress of the nation


iB Hubs is a PAN India startup hub committed to developing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in every nook and corner of India. It provides end-to-end assistance to startups, giving equal importance to Purpose Driven Social Enterprises and NGOs as well as Profit Driven Enterprises. With a vision to establish 2,500 centres across the country, iB Hubs has already established 30 centres across seven states, including five nodal centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Lucknow.

ProYuga TM

ProYuga Advanced Technologies Ltd. develops transformative products in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. ProYuga has launched its first product iB Cricket, a new format of cricket, in the presence of Hon'ble President Shri Ram Nath Kovind. It is a vSport which provides the world's most immersive VR cricket experience. With iB Cricket, one can play cricket in international stadiums, compete globally, build their iB Cricket career and much more, right from their home or iB Cricket Arcades.


Kossip is an adaptive learning platform that makes world class education available and affordable to everyone. Our unique EdTech solution, Kossip, addresses all the major challenges such as limited availability of quality trainers, infrastructure and the internet. With this solution, even the people in remote areas can access world class content in courses ranging from primary maths to advanced technologies integrated with adaptive learning, micro-level assessment, and virtual labs.

CyberEye envisions to create a "Safe and Secure Cyber World" by creating world-class Cyber Security Professionals, through end-to-end micro-level adaptive trainings. It focuses on enhancing capabilities to counter cyber threats and building a reliable cyber workforce. CyberEye trains professionals, students and organizations on Cyber Security and related domains, independently as well as in association with organizations such as Ernst & Young (EY), NASSCOM, C R Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, etc..

Make the World Wonderful

Make The World Wonderful, founded by a 17 year old girl, Meghana Dabbara, is an NGO that aims to build harmony in society. Meghana and her team are currently taking care of 50 underprivileged children and fostering positive attitudes and values in them. The organization is implementing a 100% transparent system with the 100% Transparency Module we have built, which displays all the organization’s finances, policies and programs to the public.

English Engine

One of the major concerns in developing countries is the inability of people to speak and understand the English Language. After 10 years of extensive study, we have designed a learning framework that removes most of the difficulties that non-native speakers come across while speaking English. The adaptive learning framework combined with the methodology we developed, an individual is enabled to speak in English fluently. As a pilot project, we have trained more than 6000 students from rural backgrounds and the user satisfaction rate is around 92%.

Data Analytics

There is a huge global shortage of people skilled in Data Analytics. We envision to increase the number of skilled people in Data Analytics by building a training solution which together with our Adaptive Learning Platform enables a student to start learning Data Analytics irrespective of their current knowledge. Learners will be trained on latest tools and technologies in the analytics domain like R, Spark, Analytics on IBM Z13 systems etc..

iB Hubs is a product of iBuild Innovations India Ltd.