Entrepreneurial mindset enables a child to look at problems as opportunities to create innovative solutions. At iB Hubs Eureka, we develop entrepreneurial mindset among the future generation and equip them to create, innovate and inspire.
"iB Hubs has helped me change myself to be a better person and put me on my path to become a successful entrepreneur. Thank you iB Hubs."
Arjun simhaCHIREC International School
Designed for 6th-12th class Students
Learning through games and activities
Get trained by people from startup ecosystem and alumni of IIMs, IITs
Key Takeaways
Developing entrepreneurial mindset through games and activities
Understanding and developing self-reliance
Improving problem solving and opportunity identification ability
Building Growth Mindset
Program Overview
The practice of play
Developing a free and imaginative mind and paving the path to becoming innovative and entrepreneurial.
The practice of Empathy
Getting into the shoes of others and understanding their emotions, intentions, thoughts, needs and circumstances.
The practice of creation
Developing openness to the world and unleashing the creative ability.
The practice of experimentation
Inculcating problem-solving mindset to look at a problem as an opportunity and create innovative solutions.
Building Growth Mindset
Developing growth mindset in order to improve self-reliance and self-esteem.
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